pit: a RTSP server

pit offers a node based multimedia pipeline similar to GStreamer. A node can carry audio or video, possibly transforming data before passing it to the next node in the pipeline. In this example we will build a video pipeline that captures frames from a Video for Linux 2 (V4L2) source and stream them to a … Continue reading pit: a RTSP server

pit: radio

In my experiments I have collected a bunch of RF modules based on nRF24 ICs from Nordic. These modules allow two-way wireless communication using the 2.4 GHz frequency. The advantage over Wifi is that it does not require additional infrastructure like routers or access points and it is much simpler to setup and deploy. Using … Continue reading pit: radio

pit: gps

In this example we will use a plugin library to connect to a GPS and retrieve time / position information.The GPS receiver I used is a generic Bluetooth device based on the SIRF chipset commonly known as BT-GPS+. I have also tested with another HOLUX model based on the MTK chipset: Synchronize your git repository … Continue reading pit: gps

pit: oled display

This example expands on the previous one. We are going to replace the 16x2 LCD display with a monochromatic OLED display based on the SD1306 controller. Keep in mind there many many variants of this type of display, with different sizes, resolutions, controller type, communication protocol and some even support multiple colors. This test will … Continue reading pit: oled display