MC6847 test circuit (part 7)

This is going to be a short article. The other day I was researching Composite Video mods for the TRS-Color computer (which uses the MC6847 as video generator) and found a video describing a S-Video mod instead. The advantage of S-Video over Composite Video is that luminance (how bright the image is) is carried separated … Continue reading MC6847 test circuit (part 7)

MC6847 test circuit (part 6)

AS we have seen in a previous article, the MC6847 Video Display Generator was designed to be used with the MC1372 Color TV Video Modulator. It is this second chip that actually generates the composite video signal ready to be used by a TV set. MC6847 connected to MC1372 Four pins on the MC6847 connect … Continue reading MC6847 test circuit (part 6)