pit: framebuffer and input

In this article we will revisit the framebuffer and input events examples from previous posts, but this time as plugins inside pit. Please refer to those articles for a description of the display used and device driver installation. A simple tetromino based game coded in Lua will illustrate the new plugins. As always with pit, … Continue reading pit: framebuffer and input

Reading input events

The driver for the touch screen that I have been using registers itself as an input event handler. If it is the only input device on the system, it will be mapped to /dev/input/event0. If there is also an USB mouse, for example, it will be mapped to /dev/input/event1. You can get an idea of … Continue reading Reading input events

pit: radio

In my experiments I have collected a bunch of RF modules based on nRF24 ICs from Nordic. These modules allow two-way wireless communication using the 2.4 GHz frequency. The advantage over Wifi is that it does not require additional infrastructure like routers or access points and it is much simpler to setup and deploy. Using … Continue reading pit: radio