MC6847 test circuit (part 8)

When you see the image above, what do you think of? It is a video capture of a real TRS Color Computer (CoCo) screen.Nah, it is just a CoCo emulator, and the host HDMI output was converted to composite video just to look old. If you answered 2 you are not entirely right, and if … Continue reading MC6847 test circuit (part 8)

MC6847 test circuit (part 7)

This is going to be a short article. The other day I was researching Composite Video mods for the TRS-Color computer (which uses the MC6847 as video generator) and found a video describing a S-Video mod instead. The advantage of S-Video over Composite Video is that luminance (how bright the image is) is carried separated … Continue reading MC6847 test circuit (part 7)