Starflight was a great computer game for the IBM PC released back in 1986. Here you will find information on the internals of the DOS EGA version of Starflight. If you want information on the game itself, like game play, hints, maps, etc, please look here and also here.

Starflight was released on two 360K floppy disks. The first disk contains two files: the main executable STARFLT.COM and the data file STARA.COM. The second disk contains data file STARB.COM. During the game STARFLT.COM is kept resident in memory and you were prompted to switch disks to load pieces of STARA.COM or STARB.COM, depending on where/when you advance in the game.

Starflight was written in a mix of FORTH and x86 Assembly. You can find below the results of the analysis I performed a few years ago.

  • Kernel : dissecting the main executable STARFLT.COM;
  • Filesystem: the filesystem hidden inside STARA.COM and STARB.COM;
  • Image files: in-game image files retrieved from the filesystem;
  • Object instances: the object system built in Starflight.